About - BrainBOK PMP Guide

A handy reference for PMP certification exam prep developed by BrainBOK.

This guide is a to-the-point and concise study guide for the PMP® certification. This is not meant to be a traditional all-in-one reference guide or a book. Rather it’s a collection of important information, study notes, and links to reference material. We’ll not attempt to reproduce any information that is available online for free. Rather, we’ll provide links to those resources and encourage you to reference those external resources for specific topics.

Unlike a traditional study guide, this guide is a live document and will continue to be updated, improved and enriched. We’ll try to make it engaging and interactive with inline quizzes, sample questions, polls and more in future.

The guide is part of our premium offering. Some sections of the guide are provided free of cost.

If you would like to contribute to this guide or report issues, please contact support@brainbok.com.

Last updated: January 05, 2019