Agile Concepts Checklist

A checklist of agile concepts that you need to know for the PMP exam

Agile Concepts to know for the PMP Exam

Scrum Overview in 7 Minutes

Sprint Burndown Chart

Gantt Chart vs Burndown Chart

Information Radiators

Flow-based agile teams use different measurements: lead time (the total time it takes to deliver an item, measured from the time it is added to the board to the moment it is completed), cycle time (the time required to process an item), and response time (the time that an item waits until work starts). Teams measure cycle time to see bottlenecks and delays, not necessarily inside the team.

Techniques to make Virtual Teams more effective

  1. Online Collaboration tools such MS Office, Google Apps, MS Teams and Slack.
  2. Audio/Video conferencing such as Webex, MS Teams, Zoom, and Google Meet.
  3. Virtual workspace like “fishbowl window” which is a persistent video link between distributed teams. It helps to improve osmotic communication.
  4. Remote pairing (like pair programming) where two people work together on a single task. Tools such as audio/video conferencing and virtual whiteboard can help pairing more effective. Ideally the two people should be in the same or near time zone to have maximum overlap in their working hours.
Last updated: June 16, 2021