Organizational Process Assets

Introduction to Organizational Process Assets


Organizational process assets (OPAs) are the plans, processes, policies, procedures, and knowledge bases specific to and used by the performing organization.

Key Points about OPAs

  • OPAs influence the management of the project
  • OPAs are of two types:
    • Processes, policies, and procedures: these are usually established by the PMO, and not updated as part of the project work.
    • Organizational knowledge bases: these are updated throughout the project with project information.

Examples of Processes, Policies, and Procedures

  • Standards, policies, procedures, and guidelines related to:
    • Communication
    • Risks
    • Procurements
    • Costs
    • Change Control
    • Work Authorization
    • Closure
  • Templates for project plans and documents
  • Product and project life cycles, and methods and procedures
  • Preapproved supplier lists and contractual agreements

Examples of Organizational Knowledge Bases

  • Project files
  • Lessons learned knowledge base
  • Issue and defect management databases
  • Configuration management knowledge base
  • Process measurement databases
  • Financial databases