Enterprise Environmental Factors

Introduction to Enterprise Environmental Factors


Enterprise environmental factors (EEFs) refer to conditions, not under the control of the project team that influence, constrain, or direct the project.

Key Points about EEFs

  • Can be internal or external to the organization.
  • Are used as inputs to many project management processes, especially Planning processes.
  • Can enhance or contrain project outcomes.
  • Can be positive or negative.

Examples of Internal EEFs

  • Organizational culture and structure
  • Organization’s infrastructure
  • Project Management Information Systems (PMIS), e.g. Automated Tools; Configuration Management System; Scheduling Software, etc.
  • Resource availability
  • Resource capability
  • HR and Admin Policies

Examples of External EEFs

  • Government or Industry standards
  • Marketplace conditions
  • Political climate
  • Commercial Databases
  • Cost Estimating Data; Risk Databases, etc.