We are thrilled to announce the release of a comprehensive set of 8 practice exams for the CAPM® Certification 2023 edition, featuring a total of 1000 realistic, unique, and challenging sample questions. Each question and exam has been meticulously crafted and calibrated to align with the CAPM Exam Content Outline (ECO) 2023, ensuring that you receive the most relevant and up-to-date preparation possible.

Our focus is on providing you with a robust and effective study experience, equipping you with the skills and knowledge needed to excel in the CAPM exam. Join us on this rewarding journey to enhance your project management expertise and achieve your professional goals. Let’s dive in and learn how we went about developing these exams.

CAPM 2023 Practice Exams with 1000 Practice Questions

CAPM Certification Changes 2023

Before we get into the details of the practice exams, you may want to read the post - CAPM Certification Changes 2023 - to learn about the major changes to the CAPM® Certification program in 2023.

CAPM Practice Exams Development Process

The process started with a thorough review of the two PMI documents that provide insights on the new exam.

1. CAPM Exam Content Outline

The CAPM Exam Content Outline (ECO) outlines the 4 domains and the respective tasks that project management professionals at the entry and associate level are required to perform on their job. It also provides the proportion of questions from each domain as outlined below.

DomainPercentage of Items on Test
Project Management Fundamentals and Core Concepts36%
Predictive, Plan-Based Methodologies17%
Agile Frameworks/Methodologies20%
Business Analysis Frameworks27%

We analyzed each domain and its tasks, and the respective proportion of questions, to align our exams and sample questions with PMI’s specifications.

2. CAPM New Exam Reference List

PMI has published a list of 7 CAPM Reference Guides on which the majority of CAPM exam questions are based. As per PMI’s guideline, each exam question should be based on a minimum of two out of the seven references.

The CAPM New Exam Reference List is matrix that links the chapters/sections of the 7 reference guides with the ECO domains/tasks. In other words, this matrix identifies the specific chapters/sections of each guide that are in-scope for the exam.

We performed an in-depth analysis of this matrix and developed the sample questions covering every identified chapter/section from the 7 guides, while calibrating the exams according to the proportion of questions in each domain.

Note that the CAPM New Exam Reference List matrix has some notable omissions. For example, Domain 2 / Task 1 says:

  • Determine the activities within each process.
  • Give examples of typical activities within each process.
  • Distinguish the differences between various project components.

But project management processes are not included in any of the 7 references. To address this gap, we have included about 5% questions covering the project management processes and their inputs, tools and techniques, and outputs (ITTO) from the PMBOK® Guide, 6th Ed.

CAPM Practice Exam Features

The post CAPM Exam Simulator explains the features of BrainBOK Exam Simulator application in detail. The section below emphasizes a few key areas that have been specifically improved for CAPM 2023.

1. 100% Coverage of the ECO

The new CAPM exams cover every single domain and task identified in the ECO. For the sake of transparency, here’s the breakdown of questions per domain and task in each practice exam.

#Domain/TaskNo. of Questions
1Project Management Fundamentals and Core Concepts54
1.1Demonstrate an understanding of the various project life cycles and processes15
1.2Demonstrate an understanding of project management planning13
1.3Demonstrate an understanding of project roles and responsibilities11
1.4Determine how to follow and execute planned strategies or frameworks (e.g., communication, risks, etc.)7
1.5Demonstrate an understanding of common problem-solving tools and techniques8
2Predictive, Plan-Based Methodologies26
2.1Explain when it is appropriate to use a predictive, plan-based approach10
2.2Demonstrate an understanding of a project management plan schedule9
2.3Determine how to document project controls of predictive, plan-based projects7
3Agile Frameworks/Methodologies30
3.1Explain when it is appropriate to use an adaptive approach7
3.2Determine how to plan project iterations6
3.3Determine how to document project controls for an adaptive project7
3.4Explain the components of an adaptive plan4
3.5Determine how to prepare and execute task management steps6
4Business Analysis Frameworks40
4.1Demonstrate an understanding of business analysis (BA) roles and responsibilities7
4.2Determine how to conduct stakeholder communication8
4.3Determine how to gather requirements12
4.4Demonstrate an understanding of product roadmaps5
4.5Determine how project methodologies influence business analysis processes4
4.6Validate requirements through product delivery4

2. Detailed Answer Explanations

The new CAPM sample questions include more detailed answers than before including explanation of every right and the wrong option. This is extremely significant because it helps develop a deeper understanding of the concepts and uncover knowledge gaps.

3. Multiple References

Each question has reference to one or more of the 7 reference guides. So, you can be assured that the questions are based on authoritative sources.

Many questions also include reference to our PM Study Guide articles for additional information on the subject. In future, we plan to include a link to our guide for every question.

4. Variety of Question Formats

The new exam includes the following formats of questions:

  • Multiple choice with single answer
  • Multiple choice with multiple answers
  • Drag-and-drop
  • Hot-spot
  • Animations/comic strip

Our exam simulator supports multiple choice questions with one or more answers, and drag and drop type questions. We plan to support the other types in the future.

CAPM 2023 Exam Simulator with Drag-and-Drop Style Questions


In conclusion, our new CAPM practice exams are a powerful tool to efficiently guide you towards achieving your CAPM® Certification. Aligned with the 2023 CAPM ECO, these exams offer comprehensive preparation, clear explanations, and authoritative references, ensuring an effective preparation process. Elevate your project management skills and confidently embark on the path to CAPM® Certification success.

If you have any questions or comments about the new CAPM practice exams or the CAPM® Certification in general, feel free to post your comments in the section below.

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