An incredibly powerful game and learning tool to master Inputs, Tools and Techniques and Outputs (ITTO) for PMP® and CAPM® based on PMBOK® Guide, 6th Ed without memorization. The usual slow, boring and painful process of flipping through the 600-pg Guide comes to life with the ITTO Explorer. It enables you to visualize the interactions and data flow among processes, the top-down and bottom-up view of every process and ITTO. In a nutshell, it helps you wrap your head around the PMBOK® Guide very quickly.

Key Features

Unique, innovative, ingenious tool brings the PMBOK® Guide ITTO to your fingertips

Process and ITTO Lists

See the complete list of 49 project management processes, and their ITTO organized by project management Process Groups and Knowledge Areas.


Process and ITTO Description

Selecting a Process or ITTO in the Process and ITTO list on the left reveals its description and other information in the Details panel on the right.


1452 ITTO Secrets

Process Details panel shows the ITTO of the selected process and exactly why an ITTO is used in a process. This information is the key to mastering the ITTO.


ITTO Where Used

ITTO Details panel shows the ITTO description and all the processes where the selected ITTO is an Input/Output, or a Tool/Technique.


Process Interactions / Data Flow

Process Details panel shows all the processes that interact with the selected process and the exact inputs or outputs that flow from / to those other processes.


PMBOK® Guide Page Reference

Process and ITTO detail panels show the exact page number referred in the PMBOK® Guide.


Search for Process or ITTO

Search option comes handy in quickly locating any process or ITTO in the list.


Group Processes by Domain

Process List can be grouped by Process Groups or Knowledge Areas by using the Toggle Group button.


Mobile-friendly Design

Study on-the-go with our mobile-first responsive design that works across devices of all sizes.

FAQs on ITTO Explorer

ITTO is an acronym for the various Inputs, Tools and Techniques, and Outputs of the Project Management processes described in the PMBOK® Guide. Mastering the ITTO is a key to passing the PMP® exam, but it's no less important for the CAPM® exam. BrainBOK specializes in ITTO learning tools such as the ITTO Explorer, ITTO Quiz and ITTO Flashcards.
This is one of the most frequently asked question from PMP® and CAPM® aspirants. Please read Do I Need to Memorize the ITTOs for PMP and CAPM? for our 6-step approach to mastering ITTOs.
ITTO Secrets are the detailed descriptions of each ITTO. ITTO Secrets explain exactly why an ITTO is an ITTO of a process. The PMBOK® Guide is not always good at explaining the why's of ITTO. That's where the ITTO Secrets feature comes in handy. It bring the entire PMBOK® Guide, plus a lot more, at your fingertips.
Data Flow maps the process interactions between the project management processes. It shows the processes that provide inputs (providers), or receive outputs (receivers) from the selected process. It also shows exactly what inputs flow in from the provider processes and what outputs flow to the receiver processes.
It is because you are using the free basic account, which provides limited access to the ITTO Explorer. Please upgrade to Premium account for full access.
BrainBOK is an online tool and you cannot download any module including the ITTO Explorer. You can however load the ITTO Explorer in a browser, go offline, and continue using it. As long as you don't refresh your browser, the ITTO Explorer tool would continue to work. It doesn't need a network connection once the data has been loaded.

For further queries, refer to our FAQ page.