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BrainBOK provides all the tools that you need to pass your PMP® certification exam in under 3 months! Accelerate your career with a world-renowned professional-level project management certification from the Project Management Institute (PMI®), USA.

Key Features
PMP® Study Guide
1230 Practice Questions
2100 Flashcards
World's Best ITTO Tool
ITTO, Data Flow, Glossary Quiz
Additional Benefits
35 PDUs / Contact Hours
80+ Study Notes
PM Formula Study Guide (PDF)
PM Forum Access
Premium Support

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PMP® Study Guide

An online study guide for PMP® Certification
BrainBOK PMP® Study Guide is a concise and to-the-point online study resource that complements the PMBOK® Guide and our ITTO Explorer, Practice Exam, Flashcards, and Quizzes to help you achieve the PMP® certification in the shortest time possible. The guide includes a getting starting section to help you understand the prerequisites and guide you through the application process. The guide also includes Study Notes to provide you in-depth knowledge of several key topics. You can study on the with this mobile-friendly guide and access it from your phone anytime.

Key Features
Aligned with PMBOK® Guide, 7th Ed
Getting Started section for PMP®
Context-sensitive search
Covers Agile topics
Other Features
800+ Glossary Terms
80+ Study Notes
Live and interactive
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PMP® Exam Simulator

8 Exams, 1230 Questions
BrainBOK PMP® practice exams are realistic, unique and challenging. Developed and reviewed by a team of project management experts and Project Management Institute (PMI®)-certified professionals, our exams are ideal for assessing your exam readiness.
PMP Practice ExamsDifficultyDuration (min)Questions
PMP Final Challenge ExamVery High230180
PMP Advanced Exam L1High230180
PMP Advanced Exam L2High230180
PMP Foundation Exam L1Medium230180
PMP Foundation Exam L2Medium230180
PMP Foundation Exam L3Medium230180
PMP Formula Challenge ExamHigh120100
PMP Basics Assessment (Free)Low6050*

* 50 questions are presented at a time, selected randomly from a pool of 50

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Mastery Builder Exam

A BrainBOK exclusive
We offer a unique feature - Mastery Builder Exam - that's exclusive to our program. Our exam engine tracks your performance as you take the exams. It continually maintains a list of questions in the Mastery Builder database based on your performance. You can take the Mastery Builder Exam anytime to work on your weaknesses. The questions in the Mastery Builder Exam keep evolving as you progress. Many of our students who've successfully certified swear by this feature.
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PMP® Formula Challenge Exam

All the PMP® Formulas you need to know
We have a dedicated exam of 100 formula-based questions that not only give you a solid foundation for exam questions involving mathematical formulas and calculations but also help you understand the project management concepts for the job. The formulas that we cover (but not limited to) are:

Key Topics
Earned Value Management (EV, PV, CV ...)
Estimation techniques (PERT, CPM)
Cost Budgeting
Communication Channels
Additional Topics
Project Selection Methods
Control Limits and Control Charts
Estimated Monetary Value (EMV)
Point of Total Assumption


World's Best Tool to master ITTO
BrainBOK ITTO Explorer tool is the world's best tool to master PMBOK® Guide Inputs, Tools and Techniques and Outputs (ITTO) and get your head around the 800-page Guide effortlessly. It transforms the boring Guide to an interactive and engaging learning experience. It's unique, innovative and exceptionally powerful. You can save weeks of prep time just with this one tool. The key features of the tool are:

Key Features
List of 49 PM Processes with definitions
List of 1452 ITTO's with definitions
1452 ITTO Secrets
ITTO Where Used
Other Features
Process Interactions and Data Flow
Search Processes and ITTO's by Name
PMBOK® Guide Page Reference
Group Processes by Process Groups/Knowlege Areas
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PMP® Flashcards

2100 Flashcards and Study Notes
BrainBOK PMP® flashcards deck is the most comprehensive that you'll find in the market. Our flashcards cover almost every project management topic that you need to know for the exams. These cards also double-up as study notes. The ability to search for terms across the flashcards makes the tool even more powerful. Not only can you bookmark cards for review, but also view the top-bookmarked cards by other users. Flashcards come with progress tracking features and reports. The flashcards are organized by topics, process groups, knowledge areas and difficulty level.
Main Categories of Cards
Topics (20+)
Process Groups (5)
Knowledge Areas (10)
Difficulty Level (Low, Medium and High)
Format of Cards
True or False
Fill in the Blank
Identify the Bad Guy
Find the Missing Person
Main Topics
Commonly Confused Concepts
Glossary / Reverse Glossary
Organizational Influences and Project Life Cycle
Project Management Formulas
Inputs, Tools & Techniques, Outputs (ITTO)
Project Management Processes and Data Flow
Earned Value Management (EVM)
Additional Topics
Organizational Theory
Powers of the Project Manager
Interpersonal Skills
Project Selection Methods
Conflict Resolution
Point of Total Assumption (PTA)
Professional and Social Responsibility
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PMP® Quiz

Unlimited Questions based on the PMBOK® Guide ITTO and Glossary
Combine the power of the ITTO Explorer with multi-dimensional PMP® ITTO Quiz and PMBOK Glossary Quiz, and you have the best tools in your arsenal to conquer the PMBOK® Guide and pass the PMP® exam.

Process Quiz
Data Flow Quiz
Glossary Quiz
Identify the ITTO's of a given process
Identify the Processes that use a given ITTO
Understand the data flow between processes
Familiarize with PMBOK® Guide glossary terms
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3 Bonus Items

Contact Hours Certificate free of cost

35 Contact Hours

You can use the BrainBOK Course Completion Certificate to claim upto 35 Contact Hours without any additional cost. Save hundreds of dollars in expensive exam prep courses, and claim your 35 Contact Hours by simply using our self-study program.

PM Formula Study Guide (PDF)

The formula exam comes with a downloadable formula study guide (PDF), a solid reference for all the formulas that you need to know for the exam. This guide alone can save you days of effort in compiling a list of all the formulas that you need for the exam.

Project Management Forum

Use our forum PM Hangout to connect and engage with other PMP® aspirants and project managers around the world, as you prepare for your exam. Get assistance on any matter related to your certification ranging from application process to exam content.


Authoritative Content

Developed by Certified Professionals

All our content including the PMP® practice exams are developed and reviewed by a team of PMP®-certified professionals. Each exam consists of realistic, unique and challenging questions designed to simulate the format and difficulty level of the real exams. Detailed and crisp answer explanations backed by authoritative reference sources and student feedback system instill confidence and make our exams highly reliable and trustworthy.

Based on PMP® Exam Content Outline

The official PMP® exams are based on the respective exam content specifications published by Project Management Institute (PMI®). We have been following the evolution of the content specs for years and ensure that our exams are aligned and in 100% compliance with the latest specs at all times. Our current exams are aligned with the 2024 specs and you can rest assured that we have you covered.

Detailed Answer Explanations

Each question is backed by detailed answer explanation and authoritative reference source that instill confidence in our students. We also provide a one-click feedback on each exam question. Every comment received through the feedback system is reviewed by our content experts and is used to improve the quality of our content. Over years thousands of PMP® aspirants have helped review and improve our content through our feedback system.

Licensed from PMI®

BrainBOK is derivative work of the PMBOK® Guide, 7th Ed and is developed under license from PMI®, USA. The program is developed in compliance with PMI®'s guidelines. We are duly authorized to issue a course completion certificate to our students that can be used to claim formal project management education contact hours, a pre-requisite for PMP® certifications.

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