Our PMP® and CAPM® flashcards deck is the most comprehensive that you'll find for these certifications. They cover almost every project management topic that you need to know for the exams. Our students tell us that these cards double-up as study notes. The ability to search for terms across the flashcards makes the tool even more powerful. Not only can you bookmark cards for review, but also view the top-bookmarked cards by other users.

Key Features

Comprehensive coverage of all PMP® and CAPM® topics

1. Organized by Categories

Review cards by topics, Process Groups, Knowledge Areas, or difficulty level.


2. Bookmark Cards for Review

Bookmark important cards for review later and access them with one-click from the Flashcards tab.


3. Review Top-Rated Cards

Review the most bookmarked (top-rated) cards by other users across the system. The number of bookmarks is a good indicator of the importance of a topic for the exam.


4. Search Cards

You can easily perform a keyword-based search across all 2000 cards.


5. Self-Assessment

Mark cards as correct / incorrect as you review them and access them with one-click from the Flashcards tab.


6. Progress Tracking

The progress bar at the top of the Flashcards tab shows your overall progress (in numbers and percentage) at a quick glance.


7. Hot-Keys

Use your keyboard to navigate back and forth or jump to the first or last card quickly.


8. Session Size Selection

Select the number of cards to review at a time. Have 5 minutes before your next important meeting? Go for a quick bite of 10 cards!


9. Quick Feedback Button

Send feedback on any card and receive a unique ticket number instantly from our Helpdesk system to track the case.

FAQs on Flashcards

The flashcards are organized by topics, process groups, knowledge areas and difficulty level.

Main Categories of Cards
Topics (20+)
Process Groups (5)
Knowledge Areas (10)
Difficulty Level (Low, Medium and High)
Format of Cards
True or False
Fill in the Blank
Identify the Bad Guy
Find the Missing Person
Main Topics
Commonly Confused Concepts
Glossary / Reverse Glossary
Organizational Influences and Project Life Cycle
Project Management Formulas
Inputs, Tools and Techniques and Outputs (ITTO)
Project Management Processes and Data Flow
Earned Value Management (EVM)
Additional Topics
Organizational Theory
Powers of the Project Manager
Interpersonal Skills
Project Selection Methods
Conflict Resolution
Point of Total Assumption (PTA)
Professional and Social Responsibility
We have 2000 flashcards in the system. However, we are adding more cards as and when we find more relevant topics for the PMP® and CAPM®. So, this is a live database of cards and will continue to grow.
Hot-Keys are keyboard shortcuts that you can use to navigate back and forth on the cards? The following hot-keys are available:

Go to Previous Question/Answer
Go to Next Question/Answer
f, FSkip to First Card's Question
l, LSkip to Last Card's Answer
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