BrainBOK PMP® and CAPM® practice exams are developed and reviewed by PMP®-certified professionals to ensure the highest level of quality. Each exam consists of realistic, unique and challenging question designed to simulate the format and difficulty level of the real exams. Detailed and crisp answer explanations backed by authoritative reference sources instill confidence and make our exams highly reliable and trustworthy.

Exam Features

Aligned with the PMP® Exam 2016 specs (latest) and PMBOK® Guide, 5th Ed

1. PMI®-Specs Compliant

All full-length PMP® and CAPM® practice exams meet the respective specifications published by Project Management Institute (PMI®).


2. Developed by Certified Pro's

Our exams are developed and reviewed by PMP®-certified professionals and have been top-rated by our customers.


3. Total Six Exams (1000+ Qs)

Three (3) full-length exams, one (1) dedicated formula-based exam and two (2) exams based on direct questions from the PMBOK® Guide.


4. Formula Challenge Exams

Dedicated formula-based exams for both PMP® and CAPM® not only prepare you for the exam but also help you on the job.


5. PM Formula Study Guide (PDF)

Formula exams come with a companion guide (PDF) that provides quick reference for all the formulas that you need to know for the exam.


6. Detailed Answer Explanation

Detailed answer explanation and reference links are included for each question to help reinforce concepts.

Simulator Features

Features of the exam simulator software

1. Mastery Mode

Master your weaknesses by using the Mastery Mode (MM), which tracks exam performance and identifies questions that require more practice.


2. Review Grid

Mark questions for review and revisit them later using the Review Grid. Jump to any question straight from the grid.


3. Unanswered Mode

Unanswered Mode shows all the unanswered questions while the exam is in progress. It simulates a similar feature on the real exam.


4. Save and Resume Session

Save an in-progress exam session and resume anytime later from same or different device.


5. Auto-Save Exam

Exam is saved automatically every 2 minutes so that your effort is not wasted if the session gets terminated abruptly.


6. Comprehensive Score Report

The score report shows the overall result, and proficiency level by Process Groups and PMBOK® Guide chapters to help identify weak areas.


7. Exam History

Exam History shows the list of all the exams taken in the past, along with their results and scores. Clicking on an exam opens it for review.


8. Email Report and History

Email exam report or the entire exam history with one click.


9. Quick Feedback Button

Send feedback on any question and receive a unique ticket number instantly from our Helpdesk system to track the case.

FAQs on Exam Simulator

We offer 6 exams with 1000+ questions for PMP® and 6 exams with 800+ questions for CAPM®. The following tables illustrate the details.

PMP Practice ExamsDifficultyDuration (hr)Questions
PMP Practice Exam 1High4200
PMP Practice Exam 2High4200
PMP Practice Exam 3High4200
PMP Formula ChallengeHigh2100
Mastering PMBOK Exam 1 (Free)Medium1115*
Mastering PMBOK Exam 2Medium4200
CAPM Practice ExamsDifficultyDuration (hr)Questions
CAPM Practice Exam 1High3150
CAPM Practice Exam 2High3150
CAPM Practice Exam 3High3150
CAPM Formula ChallengeHigh150
Mastering PMBOK Exam 1 (Free)Medium1115*
Mastering PMBOK Exam 2Medium4200
* 50 questions are presented at a time, selected randomly from a pool of 115.
We recommend taking Mastering PMBOK Exam 1 and 2 to assess your knowledge of the PMBOKĀ® Guide first. Next, take PMP / CAPM Practice Exam 1, 2 and 3 in any order as all three exams are equally balanced. Finally, take the PMP / CAPM Formula Challenge Exam, which, true to its name, is the most challenging of all!
As Project Management Institute (PMI®) does not reveal the passing score on PMP® and CAPM® exams, we use 61% as the passing score on all of our exams.
Though we try to match the difficulty level of the real exams, our students tell us that our exams are slightly more difficult than the real ones. Based on the data that we've collected from our students in their last week before the real exam, those who scored 50-55% on their first attempt on our practice exams passed the real exam.

We continue to adjust our exams from time to time as we get more insights from the data that we gather.
Mastery Mode is a special exam that helps you master your weaknesses. Refer to Mastery Mode in PMP / CAPM Exam Simulator for details.
Yes, you can retake our exams any number of times within your subscription period.
If you spot a problem - inaccurate information, typos, grammatical mistakes, layout problems, etc. - with any question, use the 'Send Feedback' button available on the exam page.

You do not need to type the content of the question. The system automatically tracks that information. All you need to do is to type the problem and hit the Send button.

The total pool has 115 questions. Our exam simulator selects 50 questions at random from the pool for each exam. If you take the exam multiple times, you'll see a slightly different set of questions in each attempt.

For further queries, refer to our FAQ page.