Mastery Mode (MM) is a unique feature in the BrainBOK PMP and CAPM Exam Simulator that let’s you master your weaknesses. Here’s how it works:

  • It tracks your performance on the exams as you take the exams.
  • Whenever you get a question wrong or mark for review, it gets added to your MM database.
  • Each user gets a dedicated MM database.
  • To study the questions in your MM database, you need to take the ‘Mastery Mode’ exam. Refer to the animated image below for the steps to start a new ‘Mastery Mode’ exam.
  • Each MM exam consists of up to 25 questions selected randomly from your MM database.
  • The maximum duration of the MM exam is 30 mins.
  • When you get a question right on the MM exam, and it wasn’t marked for review, the question is removed from the MM database (it means you have mastered that question). This is the only way to remove a question from the MM database.
  • You can take the MM exam any number of times until you have mastered all the questions in the MM database.
  • Your goal should be to exhaust (master) all the questions from your MM database before you go for the real exam.
  • MM is available to all Premium exam subscribers.
  • MM tracking works for exams taken on or after Dec 1, 2015.

    Mastery Mode in BrainBOK PMP and CAPM Exam Simulator