Osmotic Communication

Explanation of osmotic communication in a project environment

Absorbing information subconsciously by overhearing useful discussions of other colocated team members is known as Osmotic Communication. The team members pick up the information subconsciously in the background as though by osmosis.

Osmotic communication is generally associated with colocated teams, but virtual teams can bridge the gap by using tools such as “fishbowl window”, which is a persistent video link between distributed teams.


Two project team members are having a discussion about using a bug tracking software for their project. Another team member overhears their conversation and recommends a software that she had used on a previous project.


  • Lowers the cost of communication
  • Improves the feedback rate
  • Helps to correct errors quickly
  • Helps to disseminates knowledge in the team
Last updated: January 09, 2024