PMI-isms for the PMP and CAPM Exams

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  • RACI can be used as a communication tool. (Business Analysis for Practitioners: A Practice Guide (PMI), Ch 3, Pg 64)
  • Leadership skills are useful for all project team members. (PMBOK® Guide, 7th Ed, Ch 2, Pg 23)
  • Project vision is a powerful motivational tool. (PMBOK® Guide, 7th Ed, Ch 2, Pg 23)
  • Much of the work done on projects is aligned with intrinsic motivation. (PMBOK® Guide, 7th Ed, Ch 2, Pg 24)
  • Tailoring motivation methods based on individual preferences helps to elicit the best individual and project team performance. (PMBOK® Guide, 7th Ed, Ch 2, Pg 25)
  • Not all conflict is negative. (PMBOK® Guide, 7th Ed, Ch 2, Pg 29)
  • Communication is the most important factor in engaging with stakeholders effectively. (PMBOK® Guide, 7th Ed, 2.4.4)
  • Only measure what matters. (PMBOK® Guide, 7th Ed, 2.4.8 Metrics)
Last updated: February 11, 2024